Dell SC1425 SCSI and other with U320 Issues

Steve Burrows steve at
Wed Mar 23 10:47:58 CST 2005

Hi all,

Not wanting to use a "commercial" version of Linux  I had difficulties 
finding a suitable OS to put onto my PE SC1425 with U320 SCSI card.

I inquired here and was told that I needed Kernel 2.6.10, but if I 
wanted Debian (& most others) with 2.6.10 I would have to build the 
installer myself. I looked at that possibility but it was too much 
hassle for a one off, so I tried the current FreeBSD release (5.3). It 
went on like a dream. I have 2 drives so I set the U320 bios to see them 
as two separate drives (turned HostRAID off), and did a standard install 
onto drive 0. I then configured software RAID-1 in FreeBSD using gvinum 
(this was a bit messy because FreeBSD is in transition from vinum to 
gvinum), and I now have a server running FreeBSD with mirrored drives. 
Setting up Apache and PHP took a further 20 minutes.

So - if you are struggling to put Linux onto your U320 SCSI server, and 
FreeBSD would do just as well (for instance as a web server) - it works, 
straight out of the box. Setting up the software raid is a bit fussy, 
but as one who has never used software raid before I followed the 
instructions and it worked for me.



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