2600 running Linux 7.3 can't get network connection.

Brian Smith BSmith at lyrix.com
Tue Mar 22 08:06:01 CST 2005

Hi Tim,

Some ideas...

You mention that the link light on the switch is ON.   What about the link
light on the PE2600?
What does dmesg say?
Did you try disabling 'spanning tree' in the switch?
What e1000 driver version are you using?

We use e1000 v5.2.22 for our PE2600's on RH7.2 and it works perfectly with
spanning tree disabled for switches that support it.

- Brian

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I have a 2600 running Linux 7.3 that I can NOT get to connect to the


- Static IP with correct gateway, DNS, etc. (I have 2 other 2600's, running
the exact same configuration, that work fine, so I have something to
compare to.)
- Server was in a different location, and moved to our local network. I
updated the network settings as stated above. It was working fine when it
left the previous location.
- There is no internal firewall running. Iptables service is disabled, etc.
- There are two network cards. I am only using one. I tried both with the
same results.
- I've tried multiple available IP's.
- I've tried DHCP, but it can not get an IP.
- I've tried different ports on our switch.
- The connection appears to be "hot" as it's port on the switch is lit up.
- I've tried different cables.

I'm stumped. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Tim Mills
Support Engineer
BIAP Systems, Inc.
Visit our website at www.biap.com

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