2600 running Linux 7.3 can't get network connection.

McDougall, Marshall (FSH) MarMcDouga at gov.mb.ca
Tue Mar 22 08:17:13 CST 2005

What do dmesg, syslog, and ifconfig tell you?
Regards, Marshall

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Subject: 2600 running Linux 7.3 can't get network connection.

I have a 2600 running Linux 7.3 that I can NOT get to connect to the




- Static IP with correct gateway, DNS, etc. (I have 2 other 2600's, running
the exact same configuration, that work fine, so I have something to compare

- Server was in a different location, and moved to our local network. I
updated the network settings as stated above. It was working fine when it
left the previous location.

- There is no internal firewall running. Iptables service is disabled, etc.

- There are two network cards. I am only using one. I tried both with the
same results.

- I've tried multiple available IP's.

- I've tried DHCP, but it can not get an IP.

- I've tried different ports on our switch.

- The connection appears to be "hot" as it's port on the switch is lit up.

- I've tried different cables.


I'm stumped. Any suggestions would be appreciated.




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