Clearing ESM Log Doesn't reset the ECC count?

Dan Gorman dgorman1 at
Mon Mar 21 18:46:02 CST 2005

 I ran into this same problem.

You have to remove the PCI rieser and put it back in. That cleared it for us - I have no idea why. 


On Monday, March 21, 2005, at 04:41PM, Steve Jenkins <steve at> wrote:

>A few months ago, we started seeing ECC single bit corrections in the ESM
>log on one of our 2550s (running RH9). After a few days, the log said that
>ECC error reporting was "disabled" - presumably so as to not fill the log.
>Today, I decided to drive down to the datacenter and figure out which of the
>4 DIMMs was complaining. For troubleshooting purposes, let's call the slots
>A B C & D, and the DIMMs that were originally in each slot 1 2 3 & 4
>respectively. I powered down the machine, removed DIMMs 1 & 2 and moved
>DIMMs 3 & 4 to slots A & B. Then I tried to run diags on those DIMMs through
>However, I get the following message when I try to run the Pattern Test on
>the System Memory:
>"EventCode 206: Either ECC logging has been disabled from the BIOS or ECC
>logging is not available on this platform. If ECC logging is available,
>clear the ECC count and the ESM log with Server Administrator, reboot the
>system, and run this test again. If this error still occurs, one of the
>DIMMs may need to be replaced."
>I cleared the ESM log and rebooted, but it still won't run the test. I get
>this message on any combination of DIMMs in slots A & B. Apparently, I need
>to reset the ECC count, but Google can't find anything, the Dell KB can't
>find anything, and the Dell tech in Linux Hardware support couldn't find
>anything either. EventCode 206 in the Dell KB got no results. I finally gave
>up, put all the DIMMs back in the system, and came home - hoping someone on
>this list might have the magic bullet.
>Anyone know what I need to do?
>Steve Jenkins
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