Clearing ESM Log Doesn't reset the ECC count?

Steve Jenkins steve at
Mon Mar 21 18:44:53 CST 2005

A few months ago, we started seeing ECC single bit corrections in the ESM
log on one of our 2550s (running RH9). After a few days, the log said that
ECC error reporting was "disabled" - presumably so as to not fill the log.

Today, I decided to drive down to the datacenter and figure out which of the
4 DIMMs was complaining. For troubleshooting purposes, let's call the slots
A B C & D, and the DIMMs that were originally in each slot 1 2 3 & 4
respectively. I powered down the machine, removed DIMMs 1 & 2 and moved
DIMMs 3 & 4 to slots A & B. Then I tried to run diags on those DIMMs through

However, I get the following message when I try to run the Pattern Test on
the System Memory:

"EventCode 206: Either ECC logging has been disabled from the BIOS or ECC
logging is not available on this platform. If ECC logging is available,
clear the ECC count and the ESM log with Server Administrator, reboot the
system, and run this test again. If this error still occurs, one of the
DIMMs may need to be replaced."

I cleared the ESM log and rebooted, but it still won't run the test. I get
this message on any combination of DIMMs in slots A & B. Apparently, I need
to reset the ECC count, but Google can't find anything, the Dell KB can't
find anything, and the Dell tech in Linux Hardware support couldn't find
anything either. EventCode 206 in the Dell KB got no results. I finally gave
up, put all the DIMMs back in the system, and came home - hoping someone on
this list might have the magic bullet.

Anyone know what I need to do?


Steve Jenkins

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