Dell PowerEdge SC420

Simon Cross simon at
Sat Mar 19 02:03:13 CST 2005

I have recently purchased a Dell PowerEdge SC420 (with a PCI Adaptec
U320 (39320) host adapter) and would like to install Linux on this

Using the aic79xx.o module or any of the other common modules (aacraid,
megaraid, megaraid2, aic7xxx) that come with the kernel fails - the card
is undetected.

There seems to be a lot of conflicting information about which is the
correct driver to use, am I after the a320raid.o module or the aic79xx.o
module? (I wish to use it in nonHost-RAID mode)

The distros I can use are Gentoo, Slackware 10.1 and Fedora 3, if anyone
has any advice on how to get any of these working with the card it would
be appreciated.


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