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Sorry for the late reply, I don't monitor linux-poweredge anymore (too
high volume.) 

It is easy enough to "remaster" the DSA CD. 

Copy the ISO contents to a directory. Make changes to the kickstart that
you like (for DSA versions <= 8.5 -- /pexxxx/linux/rhXX/ks.cfg). Be
aware that our code appends to the end of the ks.cfg as well as replaces
variables and certain sections in the ks.cfg. Probably the best and
easiest method of adding your own custom scripts would be to simply drop
a script into the "/pexxxx/linux/rhXX/script/" directory. You can also
drop custom RPMS in the rpms-pre/ or rpms-post/ directories (no script
changes needed).

Run the isoimage/ script. This will output a new ISO image
that you can burn and use. 

All script output is logged to /tmp/ks-log as part of the install. If
you want to debug your custom scripts, look for their output here.

Please be aware that this is undocumented and modified DSA CDs are
"unsupported" in so much as our techs will not help you debug any
scripts you may add to the install. If you have other DSA questions, you
can ask them on Linux-Poweredge, and the Linux guys can forward them on
to me.

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> > 0) Do you use DSA for installing systems?  If no, skip rest of the
> >    survey.
> > 
> No, because it doesn't install the system how I want it.
> > 1) Would making DSA always install RHEL4 using LVM work for your
> >    environment, or must you have the option to install to partitions
> >    too?  Why or why not?
> I prefer LVM over partitions.  The only reason I use 
> partitions is if I'm forced to (like RHEL 2.1).  LVM is much 
> more flexible.
> > 
> > 2) Given that DSA produces a RHEL kickstart file, if you didn't like
> >    the LVM choice, would/could you modify the kickstart file to suit
> >    your needs?  If not, why not?
> What would be great is to be able to "re-master" the DSA cd 
> with a customized kickstart file, so we can install all of 
> our systems from DSA, but have them customized for our site.  
> We're a pretty small linux shop (5 servers) so PXE boot is a 
> bit overboard, but a customized installation CD would be more 
> convenient.
> Jason Martens
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