New SCSI drives not being recognized

Adam Engel adamengel at
Mon Mar 21 11:25:36 CST 2005

Hi All,

I have recently received a pair of new Seagate Ultra SCSI drives to 
replace 2 drives that have gone bad.  After putting these new drives 
into my PE 1750, I attempted to install RH9 on them. I only am using 
about 6gb of the first drive for setting up a temp server. Once I 
selected all my packages, the installer then informed me that it 
couldn't find the /dev/sda partition. I tried the installation again, 
and at the drive setup stage I was again informed of this problem. I 
tried knoppix, and even the Dell ELITE diagnostics program which failed 
on both disks.  This Server does not have RAID on it. 

Any suggestions of what to check? I was going to verify the drives, but 
they are 180gb each, and that will take all day.


Adam Engel
Network Technician

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