Graphics via the RAC?

Mark Plaksin happy at
Mon Mar 21 09:10:10 CST 2005

<Tim_T_Murphy at> writes:

> This whitepaper talks about "pre-boot text vs. post-boot graphics"


> OK, got it.  To answer your original question, then:
> the DRAC4 isn't supported on 2650, sorry.

One last question--is there a version of the Utility Partition that runs
the services so we can use the Utility Partition remotely via the RAC?  If
not, will there be one soon?  That would be great!  It's frustrating when
Dell Support wants us to use the Utility Partition for troubleshooting
because our servers are on the other side of town.  We have remote access
working for everything else.

Thanks again for the help!

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