Graphics via the RAC?

Mark Plaksin happy at
Mon Mar 21 08:00:21 CST 2005

<Tim_T_Murphy at> writes:

>> By "CR" do you mean "console redirection with graphics"?
> Yes
>> Oh, and is there a list somewhere of all the various RAC and 
>> ERA names and versions and what functionality they support.
>> It's confusing.
> I just googled this, hope it helps (search "Availability of RACs"):

Thanks.  This lists the various RACs and which machines they work with but
it doesn't explain the functionality of the different RACs.  I'd like a
list that says, for example, "The RAC/ERA that came with 2650s does not do
graphical console redirection before the OS has booted.  Once the OS has
booted you can run services to give you graphical console access."

>> Sounds like we can't get console graphics unless we get a
>> different RAC.  Is that something we can simply buy for 
>> our 2650s or is it so integrated that we'd have to buy 
>> new machines?
> The RPMs I mentioned should be on the Server Assistant CD
> that came with your server. If you install and run them,
> you'll get graphics console redirection using your browser.

I understand that we can run extra services after an OS has booted to get
graphical console access but that's not what we really care about.  We
want it before any OS has booted so we can use the utility partition or
install/repair an OS that requires graphics.  As you've said, this can't be
done unless we have a DRAC4.

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