Graphics via the RAC?

Mark Plaksin happy at
Mon Mar 21 07:30:02 CST 2005

<Tim_T_Murphy at> writes:

>> > I'm using DRAC/4 if that matters.
>> Maybe it does.  Our 2650s RACs call themselves ERAs and I 
>> *think* they are referred to as RAC IIIs somewhere too.
> DRAC III and ERA/O are similar in that the BMC is a separate FW.  These
> cards provide remote access functions, but not base server firmware.
> ERA is a unified FW with both remote access + BMC.
> Yes, it does matter -- DRACIII, ERA/O, and ERA all use a VNC-based
> console redirection, DRAC4 uses non-VNC based  technology.  With DRAC4
> there are no host services required to be installed or running to
> support CR.

Hi Tim:

Thanks for the response!  By "CR" do you mean "console redirection with
graphics"?  I ask because we have console redirection of *text* working
just fine.  We can control the BIOS and watch Linux boot via our RAC.  We
just can't get any graphics (for using the utility partition, etc).

Oh, and is there a list somewhere of all the various RAC and ERA names and
versions and what functionality they support.  It's confusing.

>> Does anybody know how to get graphics with our ERA-labeled RACs?
> Are these 3 RPMs installed: racser, racvnc + racser-devel?
> And are these services running: racser, racvnc + racsrvc?

This must be the key--to get graphics redirection with the RAC we have our
OS needs to be booted and running extra services.  Sounds like we can't get
console graphics unless we get a different RAC.  Is that something we can
simply buy for our 2650s or is it so integrated that we'd have to buy new


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