Graphics via the RAC? Tim_T_Murphy at
Mon Mar 21 07:22:24 CST 2005

> > I'm using DRAC/4 if that matters.
> Maybe it does.  Our 2650s RACs call themselves ERAs and I 
> *think* they are referred to as RAC IIIs somewhere too.

DRAC III and ERA/O are similar in that the BMC is a separate FW.  These
cards provide remote access functions, but not base server firmware.
ERA is a unified FW with both remote access + BMC.

Yes, it does matter -- DRACIII, ERA/O, and ERA all use a VNC-based
console redirection, DRAC4 uses non-VNC based  technology.  With DRAC4
there are no host services required to be installed or running to
support CR.

> Does anybody know how to get graphics with our ERA-labeled RACs?

Are these 3 RPMs installed: racser, racvnc + racser-devel?
And are these services running: racser, racvnc + racsrvc?


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