SNMP monitoring of dell poweredge servers

Todd Santi TSanti at
Fri Mar 18 11:50:37 CST 2005

Never tried it on Gentoo or even a 2650, but here's the steps we've used on

You'll need to have the source for your running kernel under \usr\src\ ,
and be sure you have a soft-link pointing to the right directory.

Not sure what the Dell management s/w is for a 2650, but for our 2450's we
used om37_lnx_managed_system_A00.tar.gz.  Once you've extracted om37
(searched Dell's downloads for om37_lnx_managed_system_A00.tar.gz), you'll
find the rpm's under ..\dell\omsw\sa4120\linux\

First install dellomsa-drivers-4.120-3924.i386.rpm .  It should build the
necessary drivers against your running kernel.  If that says it was
successful, then install dellomsa-4.120-3924.i386.rpm, and
ServerAdministrator-1.0-0.i386.rpm, and you should have snmp support.  You
might need to restart snmpd and the dellomsa daemons.  That's the minimum
we've found to get snmp going on the dell parts.

If you have a mib browser util, that's helpful for finding all sorts of
snmp data.

Todd Santi
Systems Administrator
Sybex, Inc.

linux-poweredge-bounces at wrote on 03/18/2005 08:58:59 AM:

> Hello,

> We have a small environment consisting of apx 40 dell poweredge servers
> which are primarily 2650's. We are wanting to become more proactive in
> monitoring our equipment and are looking at running snmp monitoring
> utilities on our equipment. However I have not been successful in
> installing the omsa utilities provided by dell. Currently I am running
> Gentoo 2004.3 stable with the net-snmp package. Any help would be
> appreciated. Thankyou.

> --
> Patrick Buckley

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