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OK... I made some progress but am still stuck!

I install RH8.0 on PE1850. it got installed without the network interfaces. I installed the drivers with RPM (this rpm has dkms support) and the NICs are working and I can ping my router.

Now I wanted to get the driver disk for this module so I did the following -

1.	dkms add -m e1000 -d redhat -v  ....
2.	dkms build -m e1000 .... -k 2.4.18-14BOOT
3.	dkms mkdriverdisk  ....... -k 2.4.18-14BOOT
4.	dd from /var/dkms to /dev/fd0


Now when I try to boot from the RH8.0 cdrom and run "linux dd ks=bfs:server:/mydir/ks.cfg" it gives me an error saying the driver on the disk is not for this release of linux.


What am I doing wrong?


Prashant Ranade

TZero Technologies Inc


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I can get rpm but I want to use this network card for the networked kickstart So I need it before RH is installed. 

So I need to use something like "Linux dd ks=nfs:server:/mydir/ks.cfg" on the boot prompt...

But I don't have the img file to put on the floppy disk for the "dd" to extract the network card driver from


Prashant Ranade

TZero Technologies Inc


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Download the driver on:

build rpm: rpmbuild -tb file.tar.gz
install them: rpm -ivh /usr/src/redhat/RPMS/i386/file.rpm
run kudzu

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Em Sex, 2005-03-18 às 12:16 -0800, Prashant Ranade escreveu:

I am trying to kickstart PowerEdge 1850 with RedHat 8.0 and seems like the Intel PRO/1000 MT is not recognized.

I can use the dd option on the linux command but where do I get the dd img file for this? On Intel's website there is a tar.gz but that is a src


Any help will be appreciated.



Prashant Ranade

TZero Technologies Inc


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