Graphics via the RAC?

Mark Plaksin happy at
Fri Mar 18 15:34:22 CST 2005

"Brian D. McGrew" <brian at> writes:

> I'm using DRAC/4 if that matters.

Maybe it does.  Our 2650s RACs call themselves ERAs and I *think* they are
referred to as RAC IIIs somewhere too.

> Now that you mentioned it, I do have to use IE to get the graphical
> console to work.  I have IE on Windows and Mac and I use Codeweavers
> Crossover Office on Linux to run IE and Outlook.  I'm running several
> machines this way.
> Granted, the graphics performance using console redirect isn't that
> great but when I'm at home at 2:00AM trying to reboot a server, I just
> don't care!

Exactly!  I just tried IE running in Windows and it's just the same as
running a browser in Linux--I can't get any graphics.

Does anybody know how to get graphics with our ERA-labeled RACs?


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