Graphics via the RAC?

Brian D. McGrew brian at
Fri Mar 18 15:11:18 CST 2005

I'm using DRAC/4 if that matters.

Now that you mentioned it, I do have to use IE to get the graphical
console to work.  I have IE on Windows and Mac and I use Codeweavers
Crossover Office on Linux to run IE and Outlook.  I'm running several
machines this way.

Granted, the graphics performance using console redirect isn't that
great but when I'm at home at 2:00AM trying to reboot a server, I just
don't care!

I run all my monitors on my client machines at 1280x1024x85Hz and all
the monitors on my servers (attached to a KVM) at 1024x768x75Hz and life
is good.

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"Brian D. McGrew" <brian at> writes:

> I do it all the time.  Give the RAC an IP and point your web browser
> it and then goto Console login.

I've done this but all I get is a text console.  I can control the BIOS
access the Linux console but when I boot the utility partition it says
console is unavailable.  To be specific, I connect to the RAC via the
then go to the "Remote Access" tab and pick "Console redirect."  Is that
how you're doing it?

Is your browser running on Windows?  Does that matter?  My browser is
running on a Linux box.

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