Perc3Di SCSI RAID + Adaptec 2810SA RAID = Fatal Grub Error?

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Fri Mar 18 10:32:47 CST 2005

Same situation here.  Without the add-in raid controller installed,
system boots perfectly.  Wish I could hide it from grub or

On Fri, 18 Mar 2005 11:29:36 -0500, Gary Pearson
<Gary_Pearson at> wrote:
> I had a similar problem loading Suse 8 on a 2650 once I installed an
> adaptec 2200 for an external array. Without it installed, no problems
> booting from the perc 3/di, with it installed grub stage2error every
> time. Had a little luck booting from the installed OS (off SLES8 install
> cd) but ran out of time to really troubleshoot. I went back to a 3120
> for now until I can get time to try again.
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> Subject: Perc3Di SCSI RAID + Adaptec 2810SA RAID = Fatal Grub Error?
> I have a Dell PowerEdge 2650 with on-board Adaptec Perc3Di SCSI RAID
> controller (mirrored 18GB drives for OS).  It also has an add-in
> Adaptec 2810SA 8-channel SATA RAID card.  After installing FC3, and
> installing GRUB to the MBR of the mirrored 18GB drives for OS, when I
> boot the system, I get  "GRUB Loading Stage2Read Error".
> The Dell system and both RAID controllers were updated to their latest
> BIOS versions prior to installing the OS.
> I even tried (to no avail) booting into rescue mode, chrooting, and
> running:
> "grub-install /dev/sda".
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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