boot of Fedora Core 3 fails at "grub loading" on 1850

Robert G. Ristroph rristroph at
Thu Mar 17 17:27:38 CST 2005

Hi guys,

   I have a PowerEdge 1850 I just received.  It has a PERC4 "4e/Si" RAID
controller but just one 34 GB disk attached.  I put in the Fedora Core 3 x86_64
CDs and installed everything just fine.  When I rebooted, it hung with the
message "GRUB Loading stage2...."  At that point I booted from the rescue CD,
got to a prompt, chrooted to the harddrive, and ran grub and then the command
root (hd0,0) and setup(hd0) to re-write the boot sector.  ( I have the disk
partitioned as a single big partition with a swap partition at the end. )  Then
it gave a slightly different message before hanging:

"Grub loading stage1.5

Grub loading, please wait..."

   What am I doing wrong ?  I had presumed I was home free as far as special
drivers were concerned, when I got the install CDs to see the harddrive, so I
didn't use any of the disks that came with the computer.

   Thanks in advance,


Robert G. Ristroph
Airlink Systems
rristroph at
(512) 231-1240 x103

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