Survey: DSA for RHEL4: LVM or partitions?

Wehner, Robert Robert.Wehner at
Thu Mar 17 15:09:29 CST 2005

>0) Do you use DSA for installing systems?  If no, skip rest of the
>   survey.

>1) Would making DSA always install RHEL4 using LVM work for your
>   environment, or must you have the option to install to partitions
>   too?  Why or why not?
We would need the ability to have partitions. Until Red Hat and EMC work-out
a problem between PowerPath 4.3 and LVM (if they do), PP requires that / not
be managed by LVM. An unfortunate situation, but in sometime we need real
partitions because of it. 

>2) Given that DSA produces a RHEL kickstart file, if you didn't like
>   the LVM choice, would/could you modify the kickstart file to suit
>   your needs?  If not, why not?
Yes, we could edit a kickstart file if needed (but using DSA, I'd prefer not
to have a manual step too.)

Robert Wehner

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