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Try looking at my Power Solutions article.  It has a good overview of
how that stuff works.

Joshua Giles 

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	I read your post on
>  and was wondering whether you could help me please.  I am also trying
to get a Dell snmp mib working with net-snmp BUT i'm not having any luck
so far.  I have downloaded the Dell_10892.txt mib file and stored it in
/usr/share/snmp/mibs on my linux box.  However when I run commands such
as "snmpwalk -c public -v2c -m ALL -OT <ip address of host in this case
it's localhost>" I don't see any information relating to the dell mib.

	I don't understand what I have to do once I have downloaded the
mib file, in addition to downloading the file do I have to run the mib2c
command? - if so how do I go abouts doing this?  Please could you offer
some advice or help in any way....i have done lots of reading around
this topic BUT so far haven't come up with anything.



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