Intel EE NIC Drive in PE750

Peter Mueller pmueller at
Thu Mar 17 12:41:57 CST 2005

> Since I have to do my install of RHES manually (grr),
> which drivers do I need to load off the server assistant
> CD to get the NIC working?  I've got the on-board (cheap)
> dual port intel card.

Actually the 750 series includes intel pro gigabit (e1000), considered by
many to be the best gigabit card on the market.  RHEL-3 does not include
support for the particular revision of the card installed on the 750s.  You
need to use respin 1 RHEL-3 to get the NICs to work.  Alternatively you can
install and then manually update your kernel to the latest errata via sneaker



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