Survey: DSA for RHEL4: LVM or partitions?

Matt Domsch Matt_Domsch at
Thu Mar 17 12:35:35 CST 2005

We're working on the Dell Server Assistant (DSA) install method for
RHEL4.  DSA asks a set of guided questions, including desired
partition and file system layout.  One question that has come up is,
now that Logical Volume Manager (LVM) is a default in the RHEL4
installer, should we limit DSA installs to use only LVM, and not to
use standard MS-DOS partition tables as has always been done?  LVM is
far more flexible, and quite stable, and for the expert and non-expert
user (such as DSA targets) alike, would seem to make the most sense.
But, I wanted to get feedback from this list.

If you don't want your answers going to the public list for whatever
reason, you may send them to: survey at
which is a select few of the Dell Linux Engineering team.

0) Do you use DSA for installing systems?  If no, skip rest of the

1) Would making DSA always install RHEL4 using LVM work for your
   environment, or must you have the option to install to partitions
   too?  Why or why not?

2) Given that DSA produces a RHEL kickstart file, if you didn't like
   the LVM choice, would/could you modify the kickstart file to suit
   your needs?  If not, why not?

Results of this survey are not scientific, and are non-binding, but
will be taked under advisement.


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Software Architect
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