Where to find dellomsa-4.120-3924.i386.rpm?

Jonas Blåberg jonas.blaberg at mandator.com
Thu Mar 17 08:54:16 CST 2005


We have dellomsa-4.10 installed but after upgrade from RH 2.1 to RH 3, it is no longer working as it should.

I found references to dellomsa-4.120 on the net, but I wonder where to find the file dellomsa-4.120-3924.i386.rpm. When searching on Dell's download pages I just find om420_lnx_managed system_A00.tar.gz <http://support.euro.dell.com/se/sv/filelib/index.aspx?sid=PWE_FOS_XEO_2650&cat=0&os=LE30&dev=2331&devlib=36&fileid=R89613&file=116885>  which seems to be something else, but the name of it is "Dell OpenManage Server Administrator, OpenManage Server Administrator and Remote Install (Agent), v.1.9.2, A00 <http://support.euro.dell.com/se/sv/filelib/index.aspx?sid=PWE_FOS_XEO_2650&os=LE30&cat=0&dev=2331&devlib=36&fileid=R89613> " which seems correct.


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