How to Install RedHat Advanced Server on PowerEdge SC1425

Jeffrey Wong mindstormmaster at
Thu Mar 17 01:32:28 CST 2005

I found that I had to disable just about everything, except scsi and dma
when installing Linux on my 1425.  I was booting an Ubuntu LiveCD and
installed Gentoo.  Other than the small problem getting things to boot the
first time the process was painless.

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I am trying to Install RedHat Advanced Server 2.1 on a PowerEdge SC1425 to
very little avail. During the initial install I type the command 'linux
apic'. If I do get through the setup then the system crashes after trying to
enter runlevel 3. It either locksup at the Portmap of Keymap. I rebuild the
machine and run an interactive startup skipping everything. I am finally
able to get a login prompt (with all services disabled) but this is waayyy
too hard. These are brand new dell servers (5 of them are still in the box).

Are there any other commands I should type in apart from 'linux apic'? Am I
supposed to do some expert install?

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