2650 + new BIOS + 2.6.10-ac11 and it *still* crashes

Steve_Boley@Dell.com Steve_Boley at Dell.com
Wed Mar 16 15:21:13 CST 2005

Well a quick note that you guys may have missed over the time of all
this is that it seems primarily to happen with mirror arrays.

Steve Boley
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Craig Kelley <ckelley at ibnads.com> writes:

> Mark Plaksin wrote:
>     Craig Kelley <ckelley at ibnads.com> writes:
>         Mark Plaksin wrote:
>             Do people have problems with 2650s and 2.4 kernels?  With
2650s and RHEL?
>         We have dozens of 2650's with RHEL3's 2.4 kernel running just
>     Do these machines see a lot of IO?
> Yes, they run backup processes that transfer gigabytes of information 
> nightly over the network.  Additionally, the compression takes place 
> on the RAID-5 array, which is a lot of simultaneous read/write 
> commands all grouped together.  All of this while running a full-scale

> RDBMS commercial package.  They vary from SMP to UP systems.
Hyperthreading is unilaterally turned off.

Fascinating!  You seem to be the only one with rock-solid systems.  Are
you running the latest RHEL3 kernel?  Which version is it?  Besides
turning HT off, have you turned off read and write caching as Matt
recommended a while back?

Thanks for the feedback!

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