CERC ATA100/CH For Fedora 3 on a Poweredge 600SC

Joshua_Giles@Dell.com Joshua_Giles at Dell.com
Wed Mar 16 14:58:55 CST 2005

That would be due to the removal of CERC ATA100 from the list that the
storage driver probes upon initalization.  
REad ya,

Joshua Giles 

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	Subject: CERC ATA100/CH For Fedora 3 on a Poweredge 600SC
	Does anyone have the drivers for CERC ATA100/CH for Kernel 2.6
of Fedora? 
	I Currently Run Redhat Linux 9.0 and they work fine.  When I
attempted to load Fedora Core 3 it did not recognize the Hard drive. 
	Any help would be appreciated. 

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