Utility Partitions

Karl Zander KZander at CommPartners.com
Wed Mar 16 13:37:41 CST 2005

At 02:07 PM 3/16/2005 -0500, you wrote:

>         I got the same "limitation" (so, you are not the only one :-}), such
>         to keep /dev/sda0 with its utility and not get confused, I do not
>         define a md0 device only md1 and up
>         (md1 use /dev/sd[a-c]1, md2 /dev/sd[a-c]2, etc..)
>         Use mdadm ->before<- doing the Linux distribution's druid
>         assignation, than you have a real freedom on MDx name choice.
>         Hope this help..

Ah!...this seems like a useful idea.  I am using Gentoo so I should have 
the flexibility to do this.


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