Utility Partitions

Karl Zander KZander at CommPartners.com
Wed Mar 16 12:51:49 CST 2005

Do people keep the utility partitions that come with PE servers?   I know 
it can be useful.  Yet when I do software RAID-1, I can get mixed up with 
partitions because sda0 is the utility partitions and my Linux partitions 
start on sda1.  So when I make md0, I have to remember to use the 1 
partitions, sda1 and sdb1.  More than once I made mistakes and spent a lot 
of time tracking down why its not working.   Whereas if I delete the 
utility partitions, I can make md0 with sda0 and sdb0.

The limitation is solely mine.  I am not criticizing the presence of the 
utility partition.   And I do realize I can delete if it better for me.   I 
am wondering what other people do.


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