Nagios and MegaRaid

Nicolas Ross rossnick-lists at
Wed Mar 16 11:39:24 CST 2005

It doesn't...

/proc/megaraid/ exists, but only has :

/proc/megaraid/0/ :
total 0
-r--------    1 root     root            0 Mar 16 12:38 config
-r--------    1 root     root            0 Mar 16 12:38 mailbox
-r--------    1 root     root            0 Mar 16 12:38 stat
-r--------    1 root     root            0 Mar 16 12:38 status

May I remind you that I use megaraid, not megaraid2. And in most situations 
in my case, megaraid2 is not an option...

I'm still wrestling to make the first plugin to work (user percsnmp)...


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> Hello, Nicolas,
> Check out the /proc/megaraid directory tree.  If it exists, the plugin
> should work.  No rebooting required to find out, and since it only reads
> from this area, it shouldn't take the server out of service at all.
> Note the use of the "S" word:  "shouldn't".  YMMV
> -Michael
>>>> "Nicolas Ross" <rossnick-lists at> 03/16 9:51 AM >>>
> It is indeed included, but I wounder if my perc2 would be supported,
> and I can't take that server down for testing...
> Nicolas
>  Nicolas Ross wrote:
> Thanks,
> But for now, I can't use it, only one server I have is running a rhel 3
> clone (tao linux), and it's using megaraid (not 2) driver. I'm not sure
> if
> the controler I have in this particular machine (a perc2/dc) is
> supported by
> megaraid2.
>  RHEL3 U3 ships with both drivers.  See this document for more
> information:
>  I assume that tao includes the same kernel.
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