AW: 2650 + new BIOS + 2.6.10-ac11 and it *still* crashes

Mark Plaksin happy at
Tue Mar 15 18:48:57 CST 2005

Robert Goley <ragoley at> writes:

>>From the reports I have heard on this list for this problem, it was
> special IO caused by certain types of writes that occur mainly in the
> ext3 fileystem(may be old info).  Has anyone had better success using
> reiserfs, JFS, or XFS?  I know none of these are there for Redhat users
> by default but what about other distros?  I am looking at upgrading a
> Redhat 7.3 PE 2650 and have been dreading it due to the problems
> mentioned on this list.  It will be running Debian (Sarge) with a 2.6.x
> kernel.  

We have had problems (we're still testing acpi=off) and are using reiserfs.
We're also running LVM2.

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