OMSA 4.2.0 RAID Alerts?

Lutz Birkhahn lbirkhahn at
Tue Mar 15 13:33:36 CST 2005

Steve Jenkins wrote:
> I just installed OMSA 1.9.2 (aka 4.2.0) on a 2450 and a 2550 both running
> RH9.
> would be cool for the OMSA alerts to tell me if an array goes critical,
> etc. The only thing that MIGHT do it is the "Redundancy Check" warning and
> failure alerts, but I don't want to force my RAID 1 array to go critical
> just to find out. ;) Anyone know if any of the alerts will trigger in the
> event of an afflicted array?

I tried the same OMSA version on RH 7.3 on a 2850 (PERC 4e/Di), pulled one
RAID-1 drive, and got the Redundancy event "redunlost".

So chances are it might work on your system, too.

HTH, /lutz

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