OMSA 4.2.0 RAID Alerts?

Steve Jenkins steve at
Tue Mar 15 12:33:19 CST 2005

I just installed OMSA 1.9.2 (aka 4.2.0) on a 2450 and a 2550 both running
RH9. Runs great, even though it doesn't appear to be officially supported as
it doesn't appear as a valid download on if I choose RH9 in
the drop down (had to choose RHEL).


I was pleased to see that I can now monitor and control some RAID status and
functions through the latest OMSA Web interface "Storage" section. VERY
cool. However, I was bummed to see that none of the alert functions
referenced any Storage-related events. I currently execute a shell script to
page my phone if I get a voltage warning, or a chassis opening, or a
watchdog ASR event, etc. I'm using the afacli script approach with a cron
job to grep the message log for RAID related entries, but REALLY think it
would be cool for the OMSA alerts to tell me if an array goes critical, etc.
The only thing that MIGHT do it is the "Redundancy Check" warning and
failure alerts, but I don't want to force my RAID 1 array to go critical
just to find out. ;) Anyone know if any of the alerts will trigger in the
event of an afflicted array? How about if my hot swap goes active?


Steve Jenkins

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