Multiport modem card for PE 6600

Nicolas Ross rossnick-lists at
Tue Mar 15 10:04:19 CST 2005

> I prefer to stay external, since a failed internal modem means
> taking the server down to remedy.  A power spike on a phone line will do
> that, and maybe do more internal damage.
> For ease of hookup, you could try the Multitech USB models.  They
> are also self powered from the USB cable, so no power supplies to deal 
> with,
> and they are about twice the size of a deck of playing cards.  Multitech 
> is
> also the gold standard in modems for durability, line conditions, and any
> mission critical applications, and they are one vendor consistently
> supported on Unix/Linux third party software.  I use them with Hylafax 
> just
> fine.


Here we use an 8 port serial card :

Plus a 12 devices rackmount chassis :

The last has integrated power supply, wich facilitate cabling...


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