Multiport modem card for PE 6600

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	I prefer to stay external, since a failed internal modem means
taking the server down to remedy.  A power spike on a phone line will do
that, and maybe do more internal damage.

	For ease of hookup, you could try the Multitech USB models.  They
are also self powered from the USB cable, so no power supplies to deal with,
and they are about twice the size of a deck of playing cards.  Multitech is
also the gold standard in modems for durability, line conditions, and any
mission critical applications, and they are one vendor consistently
supported on Unix/Linux third party software.  I use them with Hylafax just


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I'm trying to install the customer's Chase PCI-RAS multiport modem card
in a new 6600.  This is a 5V card, so can only go in slot 1.  Card is
not recognized by the server (green active light does not come on, bios
setup reports no card installed in the slot).  Other types of cards do
come active in this slot, and the Chase card works fine in other servers
I have around the shop.

Is anybody using this card in this server?  Or, can anyone recommend
other hardware that will run successfully in the 6600?  I need a minimum
of four modem ports, for faxing applications.  Thanks.

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