2650 + new BIOS + 2.6.10-ac11 and it *still* crashes

Gunther Schlegel schlegel at riege.com
Tue Mar 15 04:27:11 CST 2005


boot the kernel with the option "acpi=off". It was the only way I could
circumvent that bug.

regards, Gunther

> Once it dies, everything continues to work *except* reading and writing to
> disk.  The web server will respond and serve pages as long as they're in
> RAM.  I don't have the kernel messages from the start of the craziness
> (screen and the RAC-via-telnet have a strange interaction I haven't figured
> out yet).  The last message just repeats over an over:
>   scsi0 (0:0): rejecting I/O to offline device

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