1850 and PERC4e/Si

Anjan Dave adave at vantage.com
Mon Mar 14 14:04:53 CST 2005



I am trying to install RH ES 3.0 on a new 1850 server, after activating
the ROMB PERC4e/Si...I configured the 2 hard drives for RAID1 using
Server Assistant. After booting from the first RH CDROM, the installer
is not able to see the logical drive. I tried the option of loading a
driver (Megaraid2), but it doesn't recognize the drive, and keeps asking
for loading drivers.


If I install the RH ES from the Server Assistant CD, it installs fine.


The PERC4e/Si driver I found on support.dell.com is for EMT64.


Is there a place I need to get the drivers on floppy and install it that





Anjan Dave
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