HELP: dell hardware monitoring with net-snmp?

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Mon Mar 14 08:23:55 CST 2005

Hi please can you help!


Description of problem:

My problem is related to monitoring Dell hardware via SNMP (and in
particular using the dell SNMP mib) - I am using net-snmp.  This is what
I have done so far:


I have downloaded the Dell_10892.txt mib file and stored it in
/usr/share/snmp/mibs on my linux box.  I have got a Dell prestige (model
2650) server - with Dell Server Assistant and OpenManage software
installed on there.  My OS on this server is win2k.  I have enabled the
Microsoft SNMP service (into which I have typed the ip address of my
network management system).  Now when I run the command


snmpwalk -v 2c -m ALL -c public -OT <ip address of dell 2650 server> OR 

snmpwalk -v 2c -m ALL -c public -OT <ip address of dell 2650 server>


I can retrieve information related to various mibs including the DELL
one.  However I also have a DELL desktop (model 360) running a Linux OS
(fedora core 2).  As far as I know there isn't any software which I can
install on here (i.e something like OpenManage - which i believe is just
for servers).  Unless there is something I have to configure in relation
to SNMP in the system BIOS.  All I have done on this machine is place
the "MIB-Dell-10892" mib file in /usr/share/snmp/mibs the permissions
for this file are -rw-r--r--  1 root root 559936 Mar 13 20:05


Now when I run the same command as before:


snmpwalk -v 2c -m ALL -c public -OT <ip address of dell 370 machine> 


I get the following error: "MIB-Dell-10892::dell = No Such Object
available on this agent at this OID".



Description of any troubleshooting steps you have taken 

(e.g. "I have tried the monitor on another computer.")



I have tried deleting the first few lines of the file so that it begins





I have also tried the following commands now (on the precision
workstation) but still not getting any results:


COMMAND: snmpwalk -v1 -c public <hostname>

OUTPUT: nothing is returned


COMMAND: snmpwalk -v2c public <hostname>

OUTPUT: SNMPv2-SMI::enterprises.674.10892 = No Such Object available on
this agent at this OID


NOTICE: when I use "-v1" I get no error message, however when I use
"-v2c" I get no such object....


COMMAND: snmpwalk -v2c -c public -m ALL <hostname>

OUTPUT: MIB-Dell-10892::server3 = No Such Object available on this agent
at this OID


The -OT was to specify the kind of output you want, in this case "print
human-readable text along with hex strings".  I thought I'd also try
running the command with -m ALL (so that it would read ALL the mibs).
You can see the output I receive is different to the previous
two commands.


Any ideas on what is going on?


Please could you help me solve this problem!  All I want to do is
monitor the hardware on these machines and receive SNMP traps from them
when a hard drive or fan breaks for example.  I thought SNMP was the
best way to monitor this kind of thing...BUT now I'm having my doubts
because it just seems way too difficult.


I hope I have provided sufficient information to illustrate what I am
trying to do and really do hope you can help me! - setting up SNMP (and
SNMP Traps in particular) is something which I really need to get
working on our systems.


I look forward to your reply...

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