Best practices for OMSA and ERA/O on RHEL 3?

Michael Halligan michael.halligan at
Sun Mar 13 20:42:27 CST 2005

So I'm trying to do two things.. I'm trying to use the ERA/RAC (whatever
it's called today) so that I can do simple things like reboot servers, reset
rac cards, and maybe change rac network settings.. Being able to remotely
upgrade firmware would also be nice.

With OMSA *all* that I want to do is run enough so that I can pull all of
the sensor information out of SNMP. I don't want to use dell's webserver, I
don't want to run a central openmanage server.  My needs from it are pretty

Is there a document describing what RPMs I need to download and install to
do this?  So far I've found remote commands via racadm to be flakey at best,
but usually just completely inadequate. I'm dealing with a couple of hundred
servers at this point, and the broken state of the ERA/O is starting to
seriously impede my ability to get work done. Dell tech support has been
completely unhelpful in this regard. I have not found any documentation that
is useful, even racadm help command is very incomplete.

Any help would be appreciated.

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