Megaraid module recomendation

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Fri Mar 11 11:55:35 CST 2005

Does this also apply to 2850s also?  And is the version listed in the email below the version we should be on?



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Manuel Bujan wrote:
> I have been reading a lot during this week trying to find which module 
> works best with kernel 2.6.X without find any good recomendation. Some 
> people use the megaraid2 (unified module) from LSI and others the native 
> module that is include with kernel 2.6.10 know as megaraid_mm and 
> megaraid_mbox.

Please upgrade the system and raid bios to the newest versions if not 
already. There are some timing issue fixes in the newest versions that 
could address this problem:

SCSI RAID: LSI Logic PERC 4e/Si, Firmware, Multi Language, PowerEdge 
1850, v.516A, A01 (02/03/2005)

"1. Increased memory timing margins to address the following potential 
symptoms: System hangs during operating system installs or other heavy 
I/O, Windows Blue Screens referencing "Kernel Data Inpage Errors" or 
Linux Megaraid timeouts/errors."

Pauli Borodulin <pauli.borodulin at>

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