problem with ERA/O on PE1750 with 2.6 kernels

Martin Bonner martin.bonner at
Fri Mar 11 11:51:39 CST 2005


I'm running debian on a PE1750 with integrated RAC. When booting stock
debian kernel 2.4.27-2-686-smp the Console Redirect functionality from the
RACs integrated webserver works flawlessly, I can see and interact with the
POST screen (enter setup etc), I can choose between kernels in the grub
menu, and I can see all of the boot messages and login successfully on tty1
once the system has finished booting.

However, I'm having not having as much luck with 2.6 kernels.. I've tried
installing stock debian 2.6.8-686-smp and tried compiled my own 2.6.10, in
both cases I can still interact with the POST screen, and can still select
which kernel to boot from the grub menu, but as soon as the kernel begins to
boot I loose the ability to provide keyboard input. I can still view the
boot progress through to completion, but it seems my keystrokes are not
being passed through as I'm unable to login once the system has booted.

The redirection is still actively working at this stage, as I can any kernel
messages that get writted to tty1, and if I kill getty I can see it's output
when it respawns, but I'm at a loss as to why I can no longer interact with
the console remotely.

Has anyone else encountered this or have any suggestions as to what I should
try next?

Kind Regards,

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