grub and software mirrors?

Schmitt, Marc mschmitt at
Fri Mar 11 05:32:53 CST 2005

Hi David,

I suggest you try it to find out. Recovering from a disk failure in a SW-RAID setup is something you want to practice on a test system anyway, imho, and not on a production system, be it lilo or grub.
And btw, if you do a kickstart installation of RHEL4, lilo is still an option.


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Hi all, can someone tell me if grub still makes
it difficult to recover from a primary disk
failure in a software mirror?  We've been using
lilo exclusively for software mirrored servers
but now RHEL 4.0 doesn't allow you to choose lilo
at install time anymore, just grub.  The last time
I had tried grub the second disk was not bootable
after a boot disk failure.

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