Perc 3/Di disk failure

Steven Cherry steve at
Wed Mar 9 21:21:48 CST 2005

I had a mirrored container with a single failover disk (total of three
disks). One of the disks failed but the failover did not take over. Anyway
using afacli is used

	container unmirror

to create a single volume,then I used 

	container remove failover

to remove the failover disk, then

	container create mmirror

to mirror the working disk with what was the failover disk. All this worked
fine then I removed the failed disk and reinserted it and used

	disk initialize

to initialize what was the failed disk, it's no longer marked as failed so
for the moment I would like to set it up as a failover, howevere when I try
I get

	AFA0> container set failover 0 0
	Executing: container set failover 0 (ID=0)
	Command Error: <The specified device does not have enough free space
to be used as failover space for the specified container.>

So I have 3 questions,

1 - When I set up the new mirror I used container promote to change it to a
multi level container, could this be the cause of the above error, if so can
I change it back to a single level container?

2 - Why didn't my failover disk take over when the mirror became degraded? I
had 'controller set automatic_failover' set to ENABLE

3 - Why can't I set my failover, re: the error above

Below are is my current set up and info


AFA0> container list
Executing: container list
Num          Total  Oth Chunk          Scsi   Partition
Label Type   Size   Ctr Size   Usage   B:ID:L Offset:Size
----- ------ ------ --- ------ ------- ------ -------------
 0    Volume 16.9GB            Open
 /dev/sda             SBS
  63  Mirror 16.9GB                    0:01:0 64.0KB:16.9GB
                                       0:02:0 64.0KB:16.9GB

AFA0> disk list
Executing: disk list

B:ID:L  Device Type     Blocks    Bytes/Block Usage            Shared Rate
------  --------------  --------- ----------- ---------------- ------ ----
0:00:0   Disk            35566478  512         Initialized      NO     160
0:01:0   Disk            35566478  512         Initialized      NO     160
0:02:0   Disk            35566478  512         Initialized      NO     160

AFA0> disk show space
Executing: disk show space

Scsi B:ID:L Usage      Size
----------- ---------- -------------
  0:00:0     Free      64.0KB:16.9GB
  0:01:0     Container 64.0KB:16.9GB
  0:02:0     Container 64.0KB:16.9GB

AFA0> controller details
Executing: controller details
Controller Information
         Remote Computer: .
             Device Name: AFA0
         Controller Type: PERC 3/Di
             Access Mode: READ-WRITE
Controller Serial Number: Last Six Digits = 2C10D2
         Number of Buses: 2
         Devices per Bus: 15
          Controller CPU: i960 R series
    Controller CPU Speed: 100 Mhz
       Controller Memory: 128 Mbytes
           Battery State: Ok

Component Revisions
                CLI: 4.1-0 (Build #7420)
                API: 4.1-0 (Build #7420)
    Miniport Driver: 2.8-0 (Build #6092)
Controller Software: 2.8-0 (Build #6092)
    Controller BIOS: 2.8-0 (Build #6092)
Controller Firmware: (Build #6092)

AFA0> enclosure show slot
Executing: enclosure show slot

ID (B:ID:L) Slot scsiId Insert  Status
----------- ---- ------ ------- ------------------------------------------
 0  0:06:0   0   0:00:0     1   OK UNCONFIG ACTIVATE
 0  0:06:0   1   0:01:0     1   OK ACTIVATE
 0  0:06:0   2   0:02:0     1   OK ACTIVATE
 0  0:06:0   3   0:255:0     0   OK UNCONFIG EMPTY I/R READY NOTACTIVATE

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