Knoppix Limited Shell on PE1750

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Wed Mar 9 13:07:01 CST 2005

Low level format them using a spare chassis?   Some RAID BIOSes may give
you that option.

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We had 2 drives go out on us and Dell wants us to send them back within
5 days of receiving the replacements. These drives contain confidential
data on them which we need to remove.  Usually we throw in knoppix and
shred the hard drive do remove any data. However, I am unable to get
this server to boot into knoppix and receive  "Unable to find KNOPPIX
filesystem". I am dropped into the very limited shell which only gives
me 6 commands.

Could this mean that the memory could be bad as well? I thought Knoppix
only used the RAM as a large RAM disk.

Any suggestions on how I can format these drives so that no data is
still on them, yet still remain intact and without holes when they are
returned to Dell?

Thanks much!


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