Debian Sarge SNMP Monitoring PE2650

jay jay at
Wed Mar 9 11:48:00 CST 2005

Hey guys,  I just finished setting up debian sarge on a PE2650 (RAID, 
SMP) and I got OMSA 1.4a working by (basically) following  Ive seen 
references to SNMP functions in the SA but Im not quite sure how to set 
everything up properly for that.

I have the snmpd and snmp packages installed (UCD-SNMPD) and working in 
their installed configuration.  What exactly can I monitor via SNMP and 
how do I set up my system to do it?  Ideally, Id like to be able to 
recieve much of the info available in the SA via SNMP. Is this possible?

I've only used the most basic SNMP functions for mrtg and the like, so 
I'm kinda fuzzy on how MIBs work, if I need new/different ones to 
monitor the PE2650, etc.  Any howtos, explanations, and advice is welcome.

Jay Wineinger

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