Kickstart RHEL 3.0 Upd 4 on PE 2650 with PV 220S attached

mark mclarnon mark.mclarnon at
Wed Mar 9 09:26:01 CST 2005

Hello all:

Trying to kickstart a PE 2650 with a PV 220S attached to no avail. We
try a load of the OS from CD and during anaconda the PV is recognized
as /dev/sda and my RAID 5 container on the on-board PERC as /dev/sdb.
I install GRUB as my bootloader to /dev/sdb and even to /dev/sda (as a
last ditch option) and when my machine boots, GRUB loads but hangs at
the command prompt with no progress.

I would prefer the /dev/sda be assigned to the PE 2650 on-board RAID
controller and not the PV 220S, can I pass a kernel option forcing
something like this to happen? What about a GRUB option?

Any of you crazy folk tried something like this before?

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