uninstall downgraded DKMS aacraid driver?

Hank heskin at gmail.com
Wed Mar 9 07:48:01 CST 2005

While trying to diagnose a server hang of me PE2550, it was
recommended on this list that I install the official Dell/Redhat EL
3.0 driver (DKMS 1.1.4-2302 via the broken RPM) to replace the
existing one (1.1-5[2361]), which I did, but the server still hanged. 
(See my "Spurious hangs on PE2550" thread for those details).

I think I finally solved the problem - it was a bad 18GB drive on my
RAID 5 array, but the controller wasn't catching it.... finally it
failed and the controller caught it without crashing/hanging the
system.  I removed and replaced the drive, rebuilt the array, and my
server hasn't hung or crashed since.

How can I uninstall the DKMS 1.1.4-2302 and get back to the latest
1.1-5[2361] version I started with, or should I even bother?


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