FYI: Oh how I wish, how I wish for PE a64 servers....

jason andrade jason at
Wed Mar 9 05:23:00 CST 2005

On Mon, 7 Mar 2005, Ricardo, Gerson wrote:

> That they're were  Power Edge servers based on Opteron processors.  The

there are a lot of people who want their vendor to provide opteron servers
but well.. it isn't happening yet that i've seen..

> <Sigh>  Please forward this email to Mr. Rollins and the dev team as yet
> *another* supposedly non-existent Dell customer that's requesting Dell

<broken record>

why not send the mail forward yourself, directly ? or better still talk
to your account rep and ask *him* to forward it to his boss ? when i
last looked dell still only seemed to have 3 or 4 layers at most to
the management layer so it really shouldn't take much to flag this for

> branded AMD solutions.  Have them look us up - we buy a number of
> servers per quarter.  Now that we're going to be virtualizing we were
> looking for a powerhouse system (4 way 64GB, expandable FC HBA's for a
> SAN).  Unfortunately Dell has been taken off the list for 4way 64bit
> systems from the get go.  We're thinking of just using my workstation
> for the database compiles as returning the four way PE Xeon.  Talk about
> a fly in the otherwise perfect ointment.  I greatly dislike when
> agreements between companies hurt customers.

dell will do what is right for dell and what drives dell are their customers.
they have been very clear about this - if enough people are asking for it
and they can see a way to make money on it, they'll do it.   of course
if they decide to do something right now it make take 12-24 months for an
actual product to be sold to you..

</broken record>



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