PE SC1425 SCSI Disks not recognised

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Does anybody know how to disable the RAID?
I've downloaded the HostRAID User's Guide.
The version of SCSISelect shown there has a menu item
"Disable HostRAID Support" (below SCSI Disk Utilities), but this is
missing in the Dell version (v4.30.4S5).


John_Hull at wrote:
| Support for that controller should be in 2.6.10. So if you can boot with
| that somehow with Debian, it should work. You'll definitely want to
| disable the RAID, as there's no open-source driver that supports the
| RAID features (it's actually just a SW RAID).
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| Subject: PE SC1425 SCSI Disks not recognised
| Hi,
| I have a PE SC1425 with U320 SCSI card & 2 hard drives. I have tried
| Debian Sarge (& Sid) using the 2.6.8 kernel to no avail. Whatever I try
| the installer reports 'no partitionable disks found'.
| I have tried installing with the disks configured as RAID1 (HostRAID)
| and no RAID. The installer clearly recognises the U320 and loads the
| AIC78XX driver but cannot find the disks attached to it.
| Any suggestions? Has anyone succeeded in installing Debian Sarge on a PE
| SC1425 SCSI and if so how? If not, are there any free distributions that
| will work on the 1425 SCSI out of the box? I'm not interested in RedHat
| or SuSE, I have both and am moving away from them.
| Thanks,
| Steve

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