SuSE Linux Open Exchange 4.1 and PERC4e/Di

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Wed Mar 9 03:19:01 CST 2005

Good luck!

I've recently had the joy of trying to install SLES8 (again based on UL1.0)
on a 2850 with the same result. I wanted to install SLES9, but the Dell sold
software (Veritas) isn't certified on SLES9, only SLES8.

Response from Dell is basically that I can try a newer megaraid driver, but
then my SLES8 installation won't be supported, or I can install SLES9 and
wait until May for Veritas to be okay on SLES9. Gone for the latter.

I know this won't help you install SLOX4.1, just thought I'd let you know
that yes, the megaraid2 with SP3 really won't work, you'll have to try a
newer version./

Suggested links from my Dell account manager:

"apparently you can load the appropriate drivers using dkms 2.x.
There is additonal information on the mailing list regarding this issue,

and megaraid 2.10 + drivers here:

I'm not a linux guy, so I do not know how much time and effort this involves
on your part. Please reply as to whether you wish to try this."

Tell a lie, he's my "Partner Engagement Manager"

Sorry this isn't much help,


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Hello, I'm trying to install SLOX 4.1 (which is based on United Linux 1.0)
on a Dell Power Edge 2850. I got the disk images for service pack 3, and
booted off them, which added the megaraid2 driver to the kernel module list.
However the driver still won't work for the RAID controller. I get the error
message that the hard drive cannot be detected. Matt Domsch directed me
toward this list with the following message:

Your best bet is to post your query to our public mailing list
Linux-PowerEdge at (subscribe and read archives, probably where you
found my name, at  As a lot of people on that
list run various flavors of SuSE, someone there will be in a better position
to answer than I am.  The answer will likely involve backporting the
megaraid2 driver from 2.4.30ish (whatever the current 2.4.x in bitkeeper is
today) to the kernel of SLOX 4.1, but I don't know what that is off hand.


            Anyone ever installed this or SLES8 with service pack 3 on a
2850? If someone can even point me toward some resources I would appreciate

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