FYI: Oh how I wish, how I wish for PE a64 servers....

Ricardo, Gerson gricardo at
Tue Mar 8 21:37:59 CST 2005

That they're were  Power Edge servers based on Opteron processors.  The
Intel AGTL+ bus just plain slows down the more processor you add to it.
On my fully populated system, a 4way XEON PE system, each processor ADDS
latency to certain transactions!!  Furthermore, compiling even with
EM64T enabled and 16GB of RAM takes forever for a miserable 15GB
database.  Why, oh why does my 4 way workstation Opteron system with
just 8GB of RAM compile the *same* database on the same OS nearly twice
as fast on AMD CPU's that are over 1060Mhz slower *per CPU*?
<Sigh>  Please forward this email to Mr. Rollins and the dev team as yet
*another* supposedly non-existent Dell customer that's requesting Dell
branded AMD solutions.  Have them look us up - we buy a number of
servers per quarter.  Now that we're going to be virtualizing we were
looking for a powerhouse system (4 way 64GB, expandable FC HBA's for a
SAN).  Unfortunately Dell has been taken off the list for 4way 64bit
systems from the get go.  We're thinking of just using my workstation
for the database compiles as returning the four way PE Xeon.  Talk about
a fly in the otherwise perfect ointment.  I greatly dislike when
agreements between companies hurt customers.
Gerson Ricardo
Gables Engineer
Gales Engineering, Inc.
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